About me and PMJ

Hiya! my name is Sam and i started Pure Mettle Jewellery just over 3 years ago. Up until then i was working various jobs including slingin flat whites and bike messengering. I studied jewellery design around 10 years ago at Glasgow North College and absolutely loved it. life (parties) got in the way and it wasn't until i injured my achillies whilst cycling and was unable to graft in the way i was previously that i threw myself back into jewellery. i had a lot of encouragement from pals and i'm so happy that this is now my full time job.

I LOVE jewellery. big chunky rings especially. i feel powerful wearing them and i see it as a simple armour. my influences are pretty broad. but i would say architecture , the engineering of bridges and all the pretty angles of geometry are my faves. 

I vow to make jewellery that lasts. my rings are made of solid Sterling silver and indestructible. i also make pieces in brass and gold . I'm currently working on my first collection which i'm really excited about. its gonna be BOLD.

On top of my statement earrings and ring designs i do commissions and wedding rings too.

I recycle my silver where possible and use recycled materials for packaging. gotta love this pretty planet we inhabit!


have any questions fire me a message.

 Sam xx